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Confidence leads to perfection

Ashiyana Group of Companies is a leading and-one of the fastest grozing firms in UAE with expertise in construction, fabrication, erection and landscaping services. We have developed innovative strategies; Client based customized solutions; value added services and are committed to deliver promises to our valued clients. Our professional approach encourages our clients to come to us for solutions and our projects have given ourselves a pride of place in the construction industry.

Striving to provide the 'best-in-class' services, we are real business partners to our clients. We are proud of our own onboard team with professional experience and technical knowledge, which has led to our clients always over-achieving their goals.

In pursuit of excellence

At Ashiyana we are always dedicated to total quality management for each project

Perfection and values

We believe that coorperation, trust and shared values are vital to our success. We aspire to be the best instead of the biggest and aim to be a leading trust worthly contracting company, which provides highest level of quality work and on schdule delivery.We realize that the relationship we have with our customers on the outside depend on the relationships we have within.

Constructing lifestyle

We believe that our client's success is our success. We maintain a high level of professionalism and consistently maintain high quality service standards whilst we depute the best team of engineers on each and every project. We understand our cleint's needs and we comprehend their business specific laguage hence 'we deliver the way you need'

An Oath of development

Our specialized services are deisgned to meet your needs. The company's passion to grow along with the development of the region is setting new benchmarks of quality, trust and competitveness. We bring success to our clientelem continuously by tying to be their partner and enhancing their corporate values. Our mission is to provide our clients the best solutions in difficult situations where the other service providers would declare 'Beyond Control or Out of Scope'

Team with a vision

Ever since the foundation of Ashiyana, each and every team member strives to provide the best services to our clients, which makes us a 'True Partner' to them. Irrespective of challenges and complex processes. We address our client's concerns there by enabling them to achieve their goals with the help of our professional approach and technical expertise.

Project - Perfect

Evolving culture with design

Through each of our practice areas, we bring forth our knowledge, vast array of skills and manpower to help you achieve your goals. We are committed to have you live your dream by providing customized solutions for your project.

The thrust of the company is to focus on new and emerging construction segments. At Ashiyana we ensure your dream turns into reality. We help you from the point of inception to completion by providing each and every service needed in the construction domain. We demonstrate to our stakeholders that we meet high ethical standards in all aspects of work. Our aim to create a growth strategy profitable to all

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