In the world of natural beauty, the chambered Nautilus, a marine creature has long been recognized epitome of perfect proportion. The concept “Divine Proportion” in a Nautilus, as described by the sculptor and artist, Leonardo da Vinci, stresses the important function of proportion and its relations ultimate beauty of an individual or a thing. At Ashiyana, we too build with a passion for excellence. It pursuit for architectural excellence where the role of perfect proportions becomes crucial to create living or working spaces.

  A part from acquiring perfect proportions, it is also interesting to know that the chambered Nautilus works hard to add a chamber to its shell each year to accommodate its growing body. The Nautilus is rightly compared to the vision of Ashiyana. Over the years, Ashiyana has grown,slowly and steadily,project by project,year by year.Every project is always backed by integrity and commitment.Further embellished with architectural brilliance with an eye for minute detail, all of which is imperative to attain perfection. At Ashiyana, our strife for perfection is aa journey where every milestone, only shifts further, We believe that perfection is a pursuit which has no end.


Our Mission: To provide and deliver to our clients exceptional works and services ,maintain a highly qualified and satisfied workforce that continuously build on its expertise, assure our owners  and investors with attractive returns.

Our Vision:  To be recognized as the most respected and safe civil works contractors in the UAE.

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